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Black Shoe Charm

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Our wine charms are a perfect gift as a hostess gift, gift for wine-lovers, holiday gifts or to give as favors. 

If you would like to provide your guests with wine charms for big events such as birthdays, weddings, showers, etc., please contact us so that we can create personalized display cards for your event. 

Item Details: 
• This listing is for ONE(1) Wine charm. 
• 22 gauge and 25mm in diameter. Alloy Material
• Lightweight and convenient.  Hand our wine charm rings on the glass to help you to distinguish the wine glasses of you and yourself. 
• If you do not want to use them as wine charms, you can purchase two of them and use them as earrings.  
• Try not to pull or push the both ends of rings too hard, in case of unwanted breaking caused by overexertion.