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Persephone - Rave Bra 36B

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Persephone - Greek Goddess of vegetation and spring and queen of the underworld.  Lives off-season in the underworld as the wife of HADES. 

This is a wonderfully made statement spring garden inspired look with rhinestones, artificial flowers and medium size embroidered appliques. 

Size: 36B

Tassel Earrings Not Included.  You may purchase them separately. 

Washing Instructions 

  • Our bras, bottoms, bustles, tutus, misc. accessories are delicate and not intended for machine wash.  Please take the time to spot clean or take to a professional dry cleaner, who specializes in jeweled clothing.
  • Tutus, and other items using tulle must be spot cleaned.  In order to take out the tangles, you can place it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  The steam helps to untangle your tulle.  Gently run your fingers through the tulle (do not pull or stretch out individual strands).  This will help take out the tangles.  Hang dry only.  If you have a steamer be careful but you can also use it to take out the tangles as well.   
  • All other items except our jewelry and headdresses, please hand wash with gentle soap and hang dry.